Conference proceedings

After the conference you can send your paper for the conference proceedings. 
For more information and guidelines, please, read this document: 
Procedure for the proceedings of the ATEE Winter conference 2014

Procedure for the proceedings of the ATEE Winter conference 
2014, 15-17 April 2014

With the permission of presenters all finalized power point presentations will be placed on the web site.

All full papers that have been positively reviewed will be published in the conference proceedings on the website.

Papers that are submitted to the European Journal of Teacher Education or any other journal can not be published in the proceedings.

31 May 2014

Full and corrected paper has to be sent electronically to 

The academic committee will review the paper according to the provided Guidelines.

The decision will either be
o   Reject
o   Accept with no changes

30 June 2014
Deadline for the decision. Authors will be notified about the decision by this deadline.

The papers should be sent in the format described in the Guidelines, and in correct English. They will be published textually unchanged. The editors do not take responsibility for any (spelling, grammatical, content related etc.) errors which may remain in the final papers received from the authors.

N. B.
The titles of the papers should be the same as the title of the presentation

31 August 2014
The Proceedings will be published electronically.