Friday 9 May 2014

Conference proceedings

The deadline of paper submission for the Conference proceedings is 31 May. 
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Conference proceedings

Monday 7 April 2014

Latest news

  • The keynote speeches will be transmitted live. Webstreaming link is published on the website. 
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Book presentation and conversation with the author :
Julio Diniz-Pereira:  How the Dreamers are Born. Struggles for Social Justice and the Identity Construction of Activist Educators in Brazil

Location: Gólya Közösségi Ház / Gólya Community Hub, Budapest, Bókay János u. 34., 1083

Júlio Emílio Diniz-Pereira is Associate Professor at the Universidade Federalde Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Brazil. His book discusses the identity construction of activist educators or, as one of the research participants poetically summarizes it, «how the dreamers are born.» The dreamers, in the case of this research, are eleven women, activist educators who have participated in the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (Landless Workers’ Movement), the MST.

The event organized jointly by ATEE Winter Conference and Public Sociology Group „Helyzet”

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Airport transfer

There is a special offer of airport transfer for the participants from Travel Service Hungary

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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Submission of papers

Dear Participants, 

please send your papers by 18th March to 

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Guidelines for paper submission 

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Our new campaign: we are collecting opinions about teacher education

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Would you like to express your opinion about teacher education? 
Do you want to be part of an international conference's discussion? If so, make your contribution by uploading a video! Send us your questions, comments and challenging remarks on social justice and diversity in teacher education. 
Anyone's contribution is welcome: students, parents, teachers, researchers, citizens of any nations, etc
Your voice will be heard! 

The ATEE Winter Conference 2014 is an international conference. Its aim is to facilitate scientific dialogue around the theme of social justice and diversity in connection to teacher education. During the conference, your videos will be presented to the participants, and it will be the basis of our round table discussion. 

How can you participate? 

Create a video of max. 40 seconds about your thoughts on social justice and diversity in connection to teacher education, upload it to youtube as a response to our video: 
ATEE Winter Conference 2014 Budapest Donation 
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In this way, you will contribute to the participation of researchers and teachers with financial difficulties. 

We are waiting for your contribution. Every voice is important. 

Thank you!